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Shanaynay is a bright eyed 18 year old black slut. She visited the Ghetto Gaggers studio to star in her first-ever porno. This little chocolate rarity weighed in at a mere 100 lbs., which is rare for someone from the hood and she had a tight little stomach while lacking any unneeded "thickness". To us white boy, "thick" means you need to get yo fat dimply ass to a gym yesterday.

Shanaynay was tiny and dumb. In essence, she was fresh off the ghetto assembly line and ready to be corrupted by the white boys at She never had a cock go past her molars before, let alone her Adam's apple, so they broke her in real good. After some harsh face fucking, she got a little flustered, but they got her under control with the promise of a big can of cold grape soda. She enjoyed that and went the extra mile in hopes of more.

After getting throated, she got fucked real hard. Her tiny body could barely take the big white boy cocks, but they eventually slid in balls deep. After the sex stopped, she took several loads of cum to the face and that thing she had on her head. I don't know if it was a wig, but it moved several times, so Big Red covered it in cum to be safe.

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